Release Notes

  • Fix: REST API authentication that interferes with WooCommerce REST API.


  • Add: Added support for mapping UTM parameters query string to different query string.

  • Update: Show groups in alphabetical order while selecting group for the short link.

  • Fix: Fatal error function json_basic_auth_handler not found while using WooCommerce REST API.


  • Add: Added support for WordPress 6.4.3.

  • Add: Added REST API to create, update, and delete short links.


  • Add: Added QR Code link [PRO].

  • Update: Calculate clicks on the fly for the accurate click count.


  • Update: Minor enhancements. Code optimization.


  • Add: Trim clicks older than 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and all clicks at once.

  • Update: Improved Performance.

  • Update: Improved security.

  • Update: Compatibility check with WordPress 6.4.2.


  • Update: Compatibility check with WordPress 6.4.2.

  • Fix: XSS Vulnerability reported in the plugin.


  • Update: Security update.

  • Update: Compatibility check with WordPress 6.4.1.


  • Fix: PHP Notice.

  • Update: Security update.


  • New: Added meta info along with link display.

  • Fix: Fixed typo while showing IP address.

  • Update: .POT file.


  • Fix: Fixed UTM Parameters are not populated in the URL Shortify PRO version. [PRO]

  • Fix: Typo in the settings panel. Thanks to Andy for reporting this.

  • Update: Security update.

  • Update: Added cURL icon in browser listing.

  • Update: Compatibility check with WordPress 6.3.

  • Update: .POT file.


  • New: Now, create short link automatically if not created while showing link on frontend.

  • New: Added REST API to create short link.

  • New: Use default domain while creating a short link from dashboard widget, using bookmarklet, while creating a posts, pages or using frontend form. [PRO]

  • Update: .POT file.


  • New: Send visitors to specific landing pages or direct them to your mobile app based on their location, device, operating system or Browser. [PRO]

  • Update: Now, able to anonymize IP data using lite version also. It's beneficial to EU users as it's GDPR compliant.

  • Fix: Fixed Address is not a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address issue.

  • Fix: Fixed enable/ disable auto-generate short link issue for Posts & Pages.


  • Update: Security fixes.


  • Update: Now, enable/disable auto-generate short links for Posts & Pages using the lite version and Custom Post Types using PRO version.

  • Fix: Fixed PHP warning & notice.


  • New: Now, able to display Short URL with Posts, Pages & Excerpt.

  • New: Now, one can use wp_get_shortlink WordPress function to get the short link generated by URL Shortify.

  • Update: .POT file.


  • New: Added shortcode shorturl to generate short URL for the post, pages & custom post types.

  • Update: Added more fields to import urls using CSV.

  • Fix: Vulnerability reported in the plugin.

  • Fix: Fixed slug generation issue with the lite version.


  • New: Export links. [PRO]

  • New: Export click history of links from a same group. [PRO]

  • New: Export all links from a same group. [PRO]

  • Fix: Incompatibility with PHP 8 issue.

  • Update: WordPress 6.2.2 compatibility.

  • Update; .POT file.


  • Fix: Not able to edit link issue.

  • Fix: Fixed duplicate short URL creation issue from the Dashboard widget.

  • New: Added option to enable/ disable case-sensitive Short URL. [PRO]

  • Update: UI/ UX Improvement.

  • Update: .POT file.


  • Fix: Duplicate slug issue.

  • New: Now, able to enable/ disable uppercase letters to generate short URLs. [PRO]

  • New: Exclude characters from being used in slug. [PRO]

  • New: Export click history. [PRO]

  • Update: Update .POT file with new translation strings.


  • New: Filter links by groups.

  • Update: UI improvements.

  • Update: .POT file.

  • Fix: Admin notice doesn't close even after clicking on the close (X) icon.


  • New: Add & Move links to the group in bulk.

  • Update: Improve Access Control Feature. [PRO]

  • Update: Now, short links are generated for scheduled posts.

  • Fix: Import CSV functionality is not visible in a few cases.


  • New: Added functionality to import links from CSV files.

  • Update: .POT file.

  • Update: Compatibility check with WordPress 6.2.

  • Fixed memory limit issue.


  • Removed limit of showing only 100 clicks data.

  • Update the .pot file.

  • Fix: issue in the generated short URL.

  • Fix: ThirstyAffiliates import process not visible.

  • New: Added default custom domain settings for link creation [PRO]

  • Fix: Short URL creation issue while using Shortcode [PRO]

  • Update: .POT file.


  • Update: CSS improvements.

  • Update: Removed screen options setting from the statistics page.


  • Update: WordPress 6.0 compatibility check.

  • Update: UI updates.


  • Update: Now, search short links using slug, target URL, description & title.

  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: in_array(): Argument #2 ($haystack) must be of type array, string given.

  • Update: Code Improvement.

  • Update: Generate .POT file.

  • Fix: Shows incorrect generated links.

  • Fix: Target URL redirect issue with the short links.


  • New: Added Link Prefix support.

  • New: Import all short links from ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager WordPress plugin and track link activities.

  • New: Added UTM Presets support. [PRO]

  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.9.3 compatibility check.

  • Fix: Link clocking CSS issue. [PRO]


  • Fix: Security fix.

  • Update: Stop checking in .json file for link exists. Directly checking in database.


  • Update: WordPress 5.9 compatibility test.


  • New: Added support for bookmarklet [PRO]

  • Update: Improved UI.


  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot access offset of type string on string


  • Fix: Unable to create short links for posts/ pages from Posts/ Pages dashboard


  • New: Import links from Short URL WordPress plugin

  • Fix: Automatically create short link when post is published.


  • New: Added support to select custom domains while creating short links from WordPress dashboard and posts, pages and custom post types. [PRO]

  • Update: Improved UI.

  • Fix: Generated short links of Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types replaces permalink on Website.

  • Fix: Undefined constant issue.


  • Fix: UI improvements

  • Fix: Removed BFCM banner from Admin dashboard


  • Fix: Short link issue creation for the visitors


  • Update: Improved logic to find short link.

  • Fix: Redirection issue with custom domains [PRO].

  • Fix: TypeError: implode(): Argument #2 ($array) must be of type array issue.


  • Fix: Arbitrary Link/Group/Domains deletion via CSRF

  • Fix: Unauthorised Short Link Creation

  • Update: Improve performance of redirection


  • Update: Added option to set how URL Shortify get IPs.

  • Update: Generate .POT file


  • New: Added option to show "Number of links per page"

  • Update: WordPress 5.8 compatibility check

  • Update: Generate .POT file


  • Fix: Fixed short link creation issue from frontend short code with Vimeo URL. (Thanks Rechard for pointing this out) [PRO]

  • Fix: Typo on settings page.

  • Update: Disable short links on webpage for every post type.

  • Update: Generate .POT file


  • New: Reset link click stats

  • New: Reset click stats of multiple links at once using bulk reset option [PRO]

  • Fix: Incorrect short link generated when multiple domains is being used [PRO]

  • Update: Generate .POT file


  • New: Added option to remove plugin data on plugin delete

  • Fix: Generate domain-specific short links if the specific domain is used [PRO]

  • Update: Generate .POT file


  • Fix: Short URL doesn't work with URL Shortify PRO 1.4.7


  • New: Added UTM Parameters option to track target links [PRO]

  • New: Added new filters to filter activity based on time. Now, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days & All Time filters are available. [PRO]

  • New: Generate Short Link based on domain

  • Update: Update .POT file


  • Fix: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Kaizen_Coders\Url_Shortify\eesc_url()

  • Fix: Popular links order issue in Popular Link Widget [PRO]

  • Update: Update .POT file

  • Fix: Group is not saved at link creation issue

  • Update: Update .POT file


  • Update: Improve Pretty Links & URL Shortener By My Theme Shop Imprter.

  • New: Added Visit Short Link Option

  • New: Added Telegram Sharing Option [PRO]

  • New: Added VKontakte Sharing Option [PRO]

  • New: Added Hacker News Sharing Option [PRO]


  • Fixed: Warning: PharData::__construct(): open_basedir restriction in effect

  • Update: Improve Pretty Links Imprter. Now, importing categories also.


  • New: Anonymise clicks data [PRO]

  • Fix: Flag URL missing issue


  • Update: Compatibility with Newspaper theme

  • Update: .POT file


  • Update: "Generate Short Link" option for posts, pages & custom post types is disabled by default

  • Update: Added share short link widget on edit short link page [PRO]

  • Update: UI Improvements

  • Update: .POT file


  • Update: Improve UI

  • Fix: Columns width issue and curruption of column data issue

  • New: Added Popular Links Widget on WordPress Dashboard [PRO]

  • Update: Update .POT file

  • Fix: Quick fix


  • New: Allow visitors to generate short links [PRO]

  • New: Added create links permission. [PRO]

  • New: Restrict access to quick add widget who doesn't have permission to access it. [PRO]

  • Update: Update .POT file


  • New: Added access control to link management, group management, settings, etc. [PRO]

  • Update: By default, only the administrator can manage links, groups, settings, etc.


  • New: Access short links with custom domains along with your main site [PRO]

  • Update: Update .POT file


  • New: Added Groups column on links dashboard to show groups of links

  • New: Added Redirect Type column to show redirect type of short link

  • Update: Update .POT file


  • New: Generate short link QR code in SVG format [PRO]

  • Update: Improve exisitng QR Code [PRO]


  • Fix: Social share links click issue

  • Update: WordPress 5.7 compatibility check



  • New: Share short URL on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest [PRO]

  • New: Share short URL via Email [PRO]

  • New: Generate & Share QR Code of Short URL [PRO]

  • Update: Removed statistics link if tracking is disabled or there are no stats available for the specific link

  • Update: Fix Twitter sharing issue [PRO]


  • Fix: Twitter sharing option [PRO]

  • Update: Improve social sharing [PRO]

  • Update: Improve UI


  • Update: Confirm once before deleting of link

  • New: Now, share short URLs on social media platforms from the links dashboard with a single click [PRO]


  • New: Enable/ Disable QR code generation for shortlinks [PRO]

  • New: Stop tracking clicks from known ROBOTS [PRO]

  • New: Add IP addresses into exclude list and stop tracking clicks from those IP addresses [PRO]

  • Update: UI improvements

  • Fix: Edit link settings issue.


  • Update: Improve settings UI

  • Fix: URL redirection issue


  • Update: Improve UI


  • New: Now, set default link options from settings

  • New: Enable/ Disable shortlink generation for custom post types [PRO]

  • New: Customize slug character count [PRO]


  • New: Full link analysis available for 700 days [PRO]

  • Update: Improved UI

  • Fix: Link search issue

  • Fix: Stats are not visible on the dashboard


  • New: Added support for custom post type - kruchprodukte

  • Update: Now, able to get links data of 1 year


  • Update: UI improvements


  • New: Generate QR code for short links [PRO]

  • Update: Added title for quick share links


  • New: Redirect visitors to target URL using HTML Meta Refresh [PRO]


  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function Kaizen_Coders\Url_Shortify\Common\Actions::get_short_permalink()


  • New: Cloak Links [PRO]

  • Update: Compatible with WordPress 5.5

  • Fix: Redirection type saving issue



  • New: Added dashboard widget to create a short link

  • New: Show linked Post/ Custom Post with Short links

  • Fix: Array to string conversion


  • New: Performance Improvement

  • New: Show Unique & Total Clicks on groups list

  • New: Integrate with WordPress Knowledgebase plugin


  • New: Share short link via WhatsApp

  • New: Added top locations info, referrers info, device info, browser info & platforms info on Dashboard [PRO]

  • New: Added top locations info, referrers info, device info, browser info & platforms info on group analysis page [PRO]


  • New: Added top locations info [PRO]

  • New: Added referrers info [PRO]


  • New: Added device info [PRO]

  • New: Added browser info [PRO]

  • New: Added platform info [PRO]

  • Update: Improve link clicks report


  • New: Added support to protect short URLs with password [PRO]

  • Fix: Sorting of clicks details

  • Fix: Show date based on the set timezone


  • New: Added option to set an expiration date for a link [PRO]

  • Fix: Post id removed on link edit


  • New: Add statistics link on group dashboard

  • New: Added short links for Betterdocs sharable links

  • Fix: Website icon shrink issue


  • New: Added daily clicks analysis for a specific link

  • New: Added clicks reports for link groups

  • New: Integrate with Betterdocs WordPress plugin

  • Fix: Templates path not found the issue (case sensitive)

  • Fix: Controller was not found issue



  • New: Dashboard with useful KPIs


  • New: Search clicks based on Country, Browser & device in click history

  • Fix: Link creation issue


  • New: Add/ Edit/ Delete groups

  • New: Add links to multiple groups

  • Update: Now, able to create a short link from Posts & Pages lists screen


  • Fix: Onboarding issue


  • Fix: Call to undefined function Kaizen_Coders\Url_Shortify\Common\add_meta_box() fatal error


  • New: Create short links for Posts & Pages automatically.

  • New: Unlock full click history [PRO]


  • New: Link Statistics (Click History last 7 days)


  • New: Search links

  • New: Sort links by name & created on time

  • New: Update Tracking data


  • New: Added support for link tracking

  • New: Now able to copy short link

  • New: Show quick stats (Unique Clicks, Total Clicks)


  • New: Create nofollow/ noindex links

  • New: Create Sponsored links

  • New: Added support for parameters forwarding


  • Initial Release

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