Frequently Asked Questions

No. You don't need it. URL Shortify plugin will generate short links with your own domain

If you want to shorten the links, you don't need to buy the PRO version. But, at any time you can upgrade to PRO and get more benefits from it.

I don't want to track clicks. Is it possible?

Yes, it's possible. You can Enable/ Disable click tracking.

What's the default slug length?

The plugin generates a slug of 4 character length. You can customize this slug length using URL Shortify PRO

I don't want to track clicks from few IP addresses. Is it possible?

Yes, it's possible with URL Shortify PRO.

I am using other URL Shortener plugins and want to migrate to URL Shortify. What to do?

We already have a one-click import process in place for Pretty Links, 301 Redirects, Simple 301 Redirects & URL Shortener By MyThemeShop WordPress plugin. If you want to import from other plugins or services, create a ticket here. We will help you to migrate to URL Shortify from other URL Shortener plugins or services.

I want to use a custom domain other than my main site. Is it possible?

Short links are accessible only with the main site using the lite version. With URL Shortify PRO, short links are accessible with the main site and also with custom domains.

Can I use this plugin on my client's sites?

Yes, you can install it on your client's sites as well. If you want to install URL Shortify PRO on your client's sites, you can purchase the licenses on behalf of your clients and install & activate it. You can also buy multiple site licenses if you plan to install them on multiple sites.

We have added a widget on WordPress Dashboard from where you can see your popular links.

Yes, of course. You can create any number of short links for the same target URL.

No. At this moment, it's not case-sensitive. It's in our roadmap to make it case-sensitive.

How do I anonymise click activity?

You can do it with the free version by disabling click tracking. Using URL Shortify PRO, you can anonymise IP address or all information. You are still able to count clicks.

What is a 301 redirect?

A redirect is a simple way to re-route traffic coming from a Requested URL to a different destination URL.

A 301 redirect indicates that the page requested has been permanently moved to the Destination URL, and helps pass on the Requested URLs traffic in a search engine-friendly manner. Creating a 301 redirect tells search engines that the Requested URL has moved permanently and that the content can now be found on the Destination URL. An important feature is that search engines will pass along any clout the Requested URL used to have to the Destination URL.

I have queries/ feedback/ bug reports. Where should I contact you?

Feel free to create a ticket here. We love to communicate with you and reply to all your queries.

Will the plugin delete all data when the plugin is deleted from WordPress?

It's completely optional. Admin has a choice to delete all plugin data when the plugin is deleted from the WordPress setup.

There is an option Remove Data on Uninstall in URL Shortify > Settings > General. Admin has to check the box to delete data on plugin uninstall.

Please note, this action can't be undone. You will lose all your short link data. So, please use this option carefully.

Can I use URL Shortify on non WordPress sites?

No. You can't use it.

URL Shortify is a WordPress-only plugin. As such it can only be installed on WordPress only.

You can install URL Shortify on any new or existing WordPress website without interrupting your existing content.

You can share the created shortened links with URL Shortify on your WordPress website anywhere.

Who will find URL Shortify useful?

URL Shortify is particularly useful to affiliate marketers. It helps them to clean up, brand, group, organise, and track their links. In addition to affiliate marketing, it is also useful to bloggers, podcasters, merchants, social media marketers, and anyone else who wants to easily take control of their link strategy.

Can I use URL Shortify with any WordPress theme?

Absolutely! URL Shortify operates mainly in the WordPress admin, but the front end features should be totally compatible with any WordPress theme.

Why you should upgrade URL Shortify PRO license every year?

URL Shortify PRO license comes with 1 year of upgrade and support.

Your link strategy is central to your business' online marketing efforts. It's critical that your site and links always remain secure, up to date, and stable. When you buy URL Shortify you can use it for a year, but in order for us to continue providing you with a high level of support and regular updates, we require an automatic yearly renewal. Of course, regardless of whether you renew or not, URL Shortify will still work completely but you won't get priority support and latest version of plugin.

No. Short links which you created will continue working even if your license expires.

Ongoing URL Shortify software updates will be absolutely critical to the security, performance, and overall success of your site. So if your license expires, you’ll be encouraged to renew URL Shortify.

Don’t worry though, the short links you've created will continue working, and you'll have access to all other features (core and premium) as long as URL Shortify PRO is installed. Also, don’t forget that our support team is always here to ensure you're well taken care of.

I want to add UTM Parameters in the target link. Can I do with URL Shortify?

Yes, you can add utm_id, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content UTM parameters to your target link.

This feature is available with URL Shortify PRO only.

Along with this, you can also create UTM Presets. So, you don't need to add UTM Parameters everytime you create a short link. In a single click you can set all preset UTM Parameters.

No. We don't have a Chrome or FireFox extension to create short links.

But, you can use Bookmarklet (available in PRO) to create short links on the go.

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